Pasta Carbonara

One of my fave pasta sauces is carbonara. We only make it every blue moon cause it can be heavy on the calories but boy it is yummy 😍 5-6 strips of bacon, cut into pieces.
2 eggs
1/3 cup Parmesan cheese grated
1 cup cream
1 package pasta

1⃣Cook pasta according to package directions.
2⃣Meanwhile fry bacon and once browned add cream and set to low heat.
3⃣Beat eggs in a bowl with cheese.
4⃣As soon as pasta is done drain it and return to pot ASAP. Add in egg and cheese and stir so the heat cooks the egg. Addin cream and bacon and stir it all together!

J ate about 2/3 of his bowl plus 2 bocconcini. ✔️ok 6 months of no egg allergy in family. Try to use nitrate free or low sodium bacon.

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