Litchis and Sheep milk 

Trying litchi today for the first time! I love litchi so wanted to see if J did too. I left one unpeeled so you could see what the peel looks like. I also removed the pit from the unpeeled one. J stared at it for a few and poked and squished it then decided it was safe and ate it.

We also have banana cinnamon oatmeal fingers, chex and cream cheese toast.

We are starting to transition J to milk now that he is over a year. We are starting with sheep milk as it is a bit closer to breastmilk. J has always refused a bottle so I was never able to pump and although he knows how to drink from a sippy doesn’t love it so it’s been slow going. He is still nursing but I am going back to work in Sept and would like him to be on regular milk by then for his naps.

J ate 1 litchi, almost all his toast, threw all his oatmeal and ate all the chex. ✔️ok 6 months -allergens gluten and dairy.

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