Spinach Cheddar Puffs and Baked Egg Strips

Spinach and cheddar puffs, arancini patties, baked crispy egg strips and clementines.

Egg strips were an experiment that came out well. They don’t have the texture of normal eggs much crisper so might be worth a shot if your LO has egg texture issues.


Spread steamed/sautéed spinach and grated cheese over a puff pastry square. Roll up the square and cut into pieces. Apply an egg wash and bake at 400 for 15 mins.


Take leftover egg from spinach puff egg wash and pour into the side of the oven pan. Bake with spinach puffs until turns light brown.

I will post arancini recipe later if anyone wants it.

J ate his whole plate. ✔️ok 6 months if no egg allergy in family. Watch out for citrus causing a rash. Possible allergens – gluten, dairy, egg

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