Banana Rollups and leftovers

Behind on posts and too much to post today so I’m doing a combo post in order not to flood feeds lol.

Breakfast (top left) an almond butter and strawberry baby jam banana roll up. Thanks to @blwfun for the idea! Also a blueberry and carrot oaty chomp from @lovechildorganics . J ate almost all his roll up and half the oaty chomp.

Lunch (top right) was mostly leftovers. You can see his before and afters at the bottom. He ate blackberries first, left mostly corn and fritter pieces. He is sporting one of his @everbellemkids smocks.

Both break fast and lunch are ✔️ok 6 months if no egg allergy in family. Allergens – gluten and nuts in breakfast, egg in the salad at lunch. Berries can sometimes cause rashes so be on the lookout.

Oh yeah and J is #11months today!!! Birthday count down is officially on.

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