PEAlafels and Spinach Strawberry Steak Salad, yogurt for dipping and sliced tomato.

The salad was a last min add cause we had leftover beef from yesterday’s stirfry. Good decision! Just bbqed the leftover sirloin and threw it on spinach, sliced strawberries and poured oil and vinegar over.

PEAlafels (adapted from girl cooks world yellow pea fritters)

2 cups split yellow peas

1 onion

1/3 cup cilantro

1 tbsp each paprika, cumin, turmeric

1 long garlic green or 2 cloves garlic

½-2/3 cup water

1⃣Cover peas with water and soak at least 8 hours or overnight

2⃣Blend peas and water until purée consistency (might take a few mins add more water if necessary)

3⃣Blend in all other ingredients and let sit for ½ hour.

4⃣Heat oil in pan and spoon pea mix onto hot pan in fitter sized globs.

5⃣When outer edges turn brown flip over and cook until browned both sides.

J ate his fritter dipped in yogurt, most of the beef, all the strawberries and tomatoes and an extra half fritter. ✔️ all ok 6 months. Allergens – dairy. Tomato can cause rash so watch for it.

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