Beet and quinoa, mushrooms and peameal bacon

Black bean, Beet and quinoa mix, Peameal bacon, Sauteed mushrooms and grapes.

Tonight’s dinner was an epic fail in all respects.

These were supposed to be black bean quinoa burgers but they completely fell apart and was dry. Not too impressed with the recipe. If anyone really wants it I will share the link.

The bacon from a local organic meat farm was amazing delicious but waaaayyy too salty for J. I gave 2 small pieces that’s it. I Sauteed the mushrooms in the bacon grease do those were too salty too. Soooooooo J ate a plateful of grapes cause he didn’t like quinoa. Not recommending any of this for babies lol. If you are adult the bacon was delicious lol.

If it’s your passion and you feel called to do it then it is always worth it. It will take several years at this point to get a permanent position. It can take up to a year alone just to get on to the supply list right now for most boards. But again if you feel that this is what you are called to and you have a passion then go for it.

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