Strawberry Avocado Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry Avocado Yogurt Smoothie and Almond Butter Toast

A couple of firsts for Brekkie today. We started J on nuts a few weeks ago starting first with almond milk and today we are trying almond butter. So far no reactions 👍👍. We also are trying our first smoothie because yesterday our adorable @resqueeze pouches arrived 😻😻 My inner geek loves the animeesque/Studio Ghibli type designs on them. J just selffeed a from the pouch. He sucks it like a straw. Which makes the fact that he can’t figure out actual straw sippys mind boggling.

J emptied the entire smoothie pouch so I’m guessing that’s a win lol. He also went for half of a refill of it. He wasn’t too in love with the toast though. I think it was to dry. The butter was quite thick and I toasted the bread. Next time I don’t think I will toast it. He ate two pieces.

✔️️ok for beginners if you are comfortable we nuts. We only started nuts at 10 months but that was personal preference. New studies have shown earlier intro to nuts may help avoid allergies. If you have nut allergy in your family however speak to your doc first.

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