Scrambled Eggs

Perfect Scrambled Eggs with avocado and strawberries.

Until I had J I thought I hated scrambled eggs. Turns out I was just making them wrong. I always made fried runny eggs for myself but babies can’t have undercooked eggs so I had to up my scrambled egg game.

Key things – use butter, use low heat, don’t over scramble, don’t overcook

2 eggs

1 tbsp butter

1⃣Heat butter over low heat until it melts. Pour in eggs

2⃣Don’t touch them for like 30 sec. Let them start to cook.

3⃣Slowly and gently fold and scramble. Use a spatula for gentler method.

4⃣Just before you think the eggs are done remove from heat. If they look done you’ve overlooked them. Eggs will keep cooking for about 30 sec after they are taken off the heat so you need to remove them just before they look ready to get them cooked perfectly.

J ate all his eggs, squished and smashed most of his avocado, and ate 2 strawberries. His love of eggs pretty much derails any other food offered. He will eat an entire plate of eggs if I were to offer. ✔️ all ok 6 months as long as no egg allergy in family. Avocado is a great starter food.

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