Pasta with squash and sausage

Pasta with sausage and squash

This is one of my favourite family recipes!! It’s so delicious ❤️but not the healthiest between the sausage and the cream lol. So it’s a special treat once in a while! Served with leftover veggies from lunch, halved olives and a plum.

We are trying to introduce spice into Js diet slowly so we started today by using spicy italian sausage. I didn’t give him a lot of it because I wanted to take it slow and also because of the salt in the sausage but man did he love it! He ate every tiny speck. The squash on the other hand was completely ignored. He ate all the penne and sausage, a few carrots and all the olives. Played with the plum but didn’t eat it. Might be because he had half of one earlier today as a snack.

1 butternut squash

2 sausages

1 cup heavy cream

Whatever pasta you like

1⃣ remove sausage from casings, brown and put aside

2⃣ Saute squash with a bit of water covered meanwhile boil water for pasta and cook.

3⃣when squash is soft add sausage back and cream. Simmer for 3-5 mins to allow flavours to blend. Serve on cooked pasta.

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