Pancake Rollups

This morning I wanted to try and present some leftovers differently so I made pancake rollups. I spread a layer of yogurt on the back of the pancake and filled it with stuff. One is savory and has leftover egg quiche in it and the other is sweet with chopped peaches. I also have extra quiche, peaches and yogurt on the side.

My effort was kinda pointless cause he just opened up the rollups to investigate what was inside and then ate the stuffing lol 😅 followed by the pancake separately. I also think cream cheese would have worked better than yogurt but I didn’t have any.

He ate all the egg, including the stuffing, tore all the pancakes into tiny pieces and alternated between eating the pieces and tossing them to the cats (with the cat feeding become for frequent as the meal went on) and most of the peaches dipped in yogurt (I dipped them).

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