Mexican Chicken Thighs

Mexican Chicken Thighs

Recipe is from @__mammag I pinned the exact post on Pinterest .

This was quite tasty! Good job @__mammag 😄 Only changes I made to it was omitting the honey (no honey under 1) and reducing the salt to a sprinkle.

Next time I think I would use chicken breast cutlets just because I found J had a bit trouble chewing the thighs as they can be a bit fattier. He also has a stuffy nose from teething which is making it harder for him to breathe and eat at the same time. I served it on rice which I flavoured with lime and cilantro.

J tucked in right away but after about 10 mins he suddenly windshield quieted everything I think cause he is having trouble eating. He ate a bit more fruit – blueberries and halved grapes.

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