Fruit fishy

I’ve been loving the food art from @zekes_treats lately! I’m not much of an artist but her art is really simple to do which is great! Check out her page for more cute food art.

My fishie is made of blood orange which is new food this week. We had it for the first time on Wed. J seems to like just like the other citrus fruits we’ve done.

Next to it is something I am super excited about – banana avocado baby muffins!!!! I will be posting the recipe this afternoon but please do yourselves a favour and check back for it cause they are so freaking good!!! And they took less that half an hour start to finish 👍👌

In other news we had a pretty rough night and I’m running very low on sleep 😴😴 anyone else have a bad one?

Oh I ALMOST FORGOT J is 9 months today so gotta change my tag to #9months lol

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