Potato Rice Croquettes

Potato Rice Croquettes

We went to visit nonna for lunch and she surprised us with these! I dipped them in tomato sauce for a bit extra flavour.

– ½ cup rice

– 2 boiled potatoes

– 2 eggs

– ½ cup cooked peas

– ¼ cup gfree or regular breadcrumbs (you can add more if parties are too runny)

– gfree or regular flour for dusting
1⃣ Cook rice

2⃣Mash potatoes

3⃣Combine ingredients and shape however you like

4⃣Dust with flour

5⃣Flash fry in a tiny amount of oil for a few seconds each side and then bake 350 until browned.

Julian smashed them up mostly and picked out the peas which he loves lol. He did eventually eat a little bit though. He ate all his blueberries like normal but no raspberries.

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