Pastina with Pureed Veggie Broth

Pastina with veggie purée broth.

Pastina just means small pasta in Italian. It is a common food for children in Italy and those of Italian heritage. I grew up eating it. Any small pastas can be called pastina these specifically are Stelline – small star shaped pasta.

Usually I make the broth with some egg or tomato sauce mixed in but my friend @lettierimnm gave me a great tip the other day when she came over for a play date. Put some veggie purée into the broth! So easy and makes he broth super healthy and tasty.

1⃣Boil water or chicken/beef/veggie broth

2⃣Cook pastina in water.

3⃣Add veggie purée of your choice! This one had broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.

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