Tteokguk (Korean rice cake soup)

Happy lunar new year everybody! Tonight we are having Tteokguk which is traditional Korean Rice cake soup eaten in New Years Day.

Fun Fact! In Korea everyone in the country legally goes up in age on New Years Day (not their birthday). Korean tradition states that you do not gain your year until you eat your Tteokguk. So don’t eat too many bowls or you will age too quickly!

Recipe is from my FAVOURITE Korean chef @maangchi. I’ll put it on Pinterest but just go to her site and search rice cake soup. You will need a few ingredients from your local Asian grocery.

For baby you can basically make soup as is just watch the salt. I put the chunks of beef, rice cake and eggs on his tray and spoonfed the broth. He LOVED it. Was shoveling everything into his mouth. I agreed with him it is a very tasty soup! Only change I made was instead of using 7 cups water I used 4 cups #blgbroth and 3 cups water.

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