Homemade Bone Broth

Homemade broth! Very easy!

I had a huge ham bone left over from the casserole so I decided to try to make homemade broth – I had never done it but always meant to. It’s great for using in recipes and for soups for baby. If you make it homemade you can control both the sodium levels – a lot of broths are too salty for baby -and other allergens (ex many broths are not gluten free)


– leftover ham bone (or chicken or beef or fish) if there is still some meat on there that is ok too.

– Assortment of veggies – I used onion, carrots, celery. I didn’t measure the amount just whatever I had in fridge to give extra flavour. If you want veggie broth just use lots of these and no meat.

– seasoning – I used black peppercorns, a tiny tiny bit of salt and bay leaves. Again you can change these to suit your preferences.

– a cheese cloth or large strainer

– lots and lots of water

1⃣Put bones, veggies, and seasoning in slow cooker. Add enough water to completely cover.

2⃣Cook on high overnight – approx 10-12 hours.

3⃣Strain with cheese cloth

My preserving method of choice is canning. I like it better than freezing because I don’t have a large freezer and with jars you can store pretty much store anywhere. Also you don’t have to worry about defrosting. I will give instructions on canning below but if you wish to freeze that is also ok.

I use a method which in italian is called a “bagno Maria” which means Mary’s bath lol. It is a simple water processing.


1⃣Fill mason jars with broth up to the bottom of neck. Do not overfill as jars may explode.

2⃣Submerge jars completely in large pot of water.

3⃣Bring to a boil and allow to boil for 15 mins.

4⃣Remove jars from water (before water becomes cold) and put on counter upside down. As jars cool you should hear a popping sound from lid. This means jars have sealed correctly. You can also test by pushing down on the lid. If lid makes a popping noise it is NOT sealed right. Reprocess.

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