Korean Soba Noodles

Korean inspired noodle dish.

I’ve been really craving Korean food. It’s my favourite cuisine. I think I’m going to make a few dishes in the next couple weeks.

I was behind in making dinner today so I fed J toast and hummus and some blackberries early. As a result he didn’t want dinner. Oh well – more for me lol. Actually things worked out well because my sis came over and took him into the living room to play so hubs and I were able to have a quiet valentines dinner the two of us.

Korean broccoli, kale and shiitake noodles

– gfree sweet potato and buckwheat noodle (feel free to use different ones)

-sesame oil 2 +1 tbsp

-1 bunch kale, stems removed

-1 bunch broccoli

– 1 pack Shiitake mushrooms sliced

-soy sauce 2+ 1 tbsp

-pinch of sugar (optional)

– 1 clove garlic minced

– 1 egg yolk

– roasted sesame seeds

1⃣mix mushrooms with garlic and 2tbsp oil and soy sauce each and sugar if using. Leave to marinate.

2⃣Blanch kale and broccoli in pot of water. Remove with tongs and leave water boiling. Add noodles to pot to boil.

3⃣Chop broccoli and spinach.

4⃣remove noodles from water when done, mix with remaining soy sauce and oil. Add chopped kale/broccoli.

5⃣whisk egg yolk and fry into thin rectangle shape. When done slice into strips. Set aside.

6⃣add mushrooms and marinade to pan and saute until soft.

7⃣Add mushrooms to noodles and plate garnish with egg and sesame seeds.

Whew. That one was a longer recipe to write but not that long to make.

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