Our feast at Nonna’s continues. For dinner we have beef stew, steamed apples and grapes. Luckily she agreed to share her stew recipe!

Beef Stew Recipe
1.5 beef or veal
1/3 bag baby carrots
5 potatoes
1.5 cups peas
3 cups tomato sauce (search #blgsauce for recipe link)
2tbsp oil whichever you choose

1⃣Cube veggies and meat into bite size pieces
2⃣Brown meat in 1tbsp oil and put aside
3⃣ Sauté veggies in 1 tbsp oil
4⃣Warm up tomato sauce and thrown in veggies and meat. Simmer in tomato sauce for 1-1.5 hour until beef and veggies are tender.

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