A video posted by @babyledgourmet on Feb 9, 2015 at 3:34pm PST

We tried for a Japanese themed dinner tonight. I made Japanese rice balls called onigiri and miso soup. Got this particular recipe from @weelicious. Just go to weelicious.com and search Japanese rice balls. Thanks to @buddymeals for the tip about the site. Some really great recipes on there.

For J’s plate I made mini onigiri. I also gave him some of the extra fish and veggie stuffing separately. We used mahi mahi.

The miso soup took a bit more adapting. Usually I make miso soup with dashi which is a Japanese fish stock pellet but I noticed the kind we buy has MSG so I didn’t want to use it. The miso itself is also very high in sodium. What I ended up doing is making fish stock using a low sodium stock cube. I added my tofu and seaweed and then removed Js portion. After that I added the miso in for the adult portions.

His plate has pieces of tofu and a little cup of fish broth which I spoonfed him. And there are blueberries for dessert.

He ate pretty much his whole plate. This kid is an unstoppable food machine. 😂

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